Daily Archives March 9, 2015

10 secrets how to run a Boston Marathon Qualifyer.


There are no shortcuts.

You have to to do the hard work. Put in the miles and do your hard workouts. The last two years for me have been amazing. From being barely a sub 4 hour Marathoner two years ago (3.58) I am now snifing at the sub 3h with a master PR in New York under very hard conditions at 3:14. What did I do differently these  last two years to be able to succeed qualifying to Boston?

1. Reduce weight.

The less weight you have to carry around the faster you get to the goal. It may be easier said than done to lose weight, and one should not try to lose weight while training hard. Best to stick to a weight loss diet early in the season and then try to maintain it through the hard stages in the last months before the marathon...

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