About Gunnar

My name is Gunnar and I am 54 years old. I live in Lima, Peru. As a 21 year old I ran my first marathon in 3:00:32. I had betted a beer with my friends to make it in 3h. Although I did not quite make it, my friends felt I virtually had won the bet anyway.

The years went by and in the back of my head I had the thought of a sub 3h marathon.

I always wanted to run Boston Marathon, but I was always riddled by constant injuries, and could not qualify. To continue running I was prescribed orthotics and stabiltiy shoes. But it was no good. I was still getting injured,

Some time ago I was hearing about barefoot and minimalist running and that it could let one run injury free, but I thought that would be impossible for me with my overpronation and poor knees. Nevertheless, I started experimenting some two and half years ago with faster cadence and landing on the forefoot/midfoot – and today I run 100km per week and I am able to run virtually injury free.

My Marathon time has decreased from 3:58 in May 2013 to 3:14 in New York Nov 2014.

The goal was to run Boston Marathon April 20, 2015 in less than 3 hours, and consequently beat myself as a 21 year old in my first marathon at 3:00:32.

To reach my goal I have trained very hard. In January 2015 I ran 400km.

I made a promise to myself in Dec 26, 2014 not to drink alcohol until I managed to run under 3 hours. (I have broken the vow only with 3 beers and a pisco sour since then….but still). It was basically within a strategy to lose some belly fat, and it has worked.

I am now very lean just under 69kg (down from 79 kg in January 2013).